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25 Oct, 2020

Just How Affordable is it to Make the Switch?

Think that an energy system as comprehensive as this will cost you an arm and a leg? Think again! Cost is usually the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to barriers around making the switch ...

21 Oct, 2020

Mention Our Name & Receive $250

Imagine receiving cold-hard cash just by mentioning our name! This is how easy it is with our exclusive referral program. Simply mention Clean Energy to your friends and family and if they move forw ...

11 Oct, 2020

The Numbers are Clear – NOW is the Time To Go Solar

If you talk to your neighbours around the block, chances are one or two of them have made the switch to solar… And for good reason! An average system will save between 60% to 90% of your current ...

7 Oct, 2020

Calling All Clients!

Attention previous clients 💥! We see you – we see you reading this post…and we want to offer you something wonderful for mentioning us to your friends and family. For a limited time, we are ...

27 Sep, 2020

It's not Just About Investing in Solar Panels...

Investing in quality panels isn’t the only thing you should be looking at… When it comes to a complete solar power system, every component should be taken into consideration. We don’t hid ...

23 Sep, 2020

Receive $250...No questions Asked. Here's How!

Want $250 – no questions asked…here’s how you can do it with Clean Energy. Our exclusive referral program is rewarding you with $250 in cash. Simply mention us to your friends and family and i ...

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