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7 Mar, 2021

A Customised Approach is Important. Here's Why

Your solar should be designed to fit your roof. Because of this, you need an installer who will be willing to customise your system. Specialising in custom solar systems to suit your specific requi ...

28 Feb, 2021

Why Quality Inverters Matter

Panels are just one part of the system…your solar system is incomplete without an inverter. But wait a minute – what exactly is an inverter? An inverter then converts the DC into AC energ ...

21 Feb, 2021

How Much you can Save by Going Solar

With this amount of panels on a rooftop, our client won’t ever have to worry about the electricity bills for a while! We utilized 26 Canadian-made solar panels to create this extensive system. ...

14 Feb, 2021

How your Solar can Work Even During the Holidays

With holiday breaks fast approaching, you might wonder how your solar system can really work for you… The reality is this – it will work for you everyday! Imagine being able to come back f ...

7 Feb, 2021

The Benefits of High Performing Panels is This...

So what do you REALLY get when you invest in high performance panels. Many of our clients wonder what the big difference is between investing in these types of panels versus cheaper products. Aside ...

31 Jan, 2021

We Get the Job Done

With summer in full swing, it can be difficult to sometimes work directly under the sun… But our team knows how important these sun-drenched days are with your solar system. With Australia g ...

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