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12 Aug, 2020

What Solar can do For You

There’s no doubt that solar offers endless possibilities for both home and commercial owners ☝️. It’s one of the most significant advances in our technological and environmental hist ...

5 Aug, 2020

Research is Necessary: How to Cover your Investments from Un-accredited Installers

How much research have you done about your installer 🤔? With solar being such a high-demand service for all parts of Australia, it’s no surprise that companies are appearing out of nowhere t ...

29 Jul, 2020

Warranties Matter: Here's Why

Your system is only as good as the warranty it comes with…and here’s why ⬇️. It’s unfortunate (but not impossible) that some solar companies come and go. Even if they are no l ...

22 Jul, 2020

How much are you REALLY Paying for your Solar Power System?

Do you know how much you’re REALLY paying for your solar power system 🤔? It’s common to receive a quote from a solar provider that is cheap in price…but take good care in unders ...

15 Jul, 2020

Maintenance for your Solar Power System: What you Should Know

Have you been told that your system should be serviced annually to stay in warranty? Think again 💥. This claim is simply not true ☝️. The truth is, with solar technology being as up-to-date ...

8 Jul, 2020

More than just a Roof: What is Needed for a Proper Install

Having a roof is simply not enough to have your home ready for solar ☀️. Here’s why ⬇️. It would be ideal to see every family enjoying the benefits of solar…but the reality is, ...

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