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7 Mar, 2021

A Customised Approach is Important. Here's Why

Your solar should be designed to fit your roof. Because of this, you need an installer who will be willing to customise your system. Specialising in custom solar systems to suit your specific requi ...

28 Feb, 2021

Why Quality Inverters Matter

Panels are just one part of the system…your solar system is incomplete without an inverter. But wait a minute – what exactly is an inverter? An inverter then converts the DC into AC energ ...

6 Dec, 2020

Looking Beyond the Placement

Steep roof? No problems. Our experienced team will install your system safely and with ease. Find out how easy it is to install a solar panel system on your roof - we do it all the time! To learn ...

2 Dec, 2020

We're Offering something EXCLUSIVE to our Referral Partners...

Attention previous clients 💥! We see you – we see you reading this post…and we want to offer you something wonderful for mentioning us to your friends and family. For a limited time, we are ...

22 Nov, 2020

Using Top Notch Products

Isn’t she a beauty? When it comes to solar, we understand that you are potentially making a large up-front investment, to experience long-term gains and benefits. And that’s what we want for yo ...

18 Nov, 2020

Learn more About our EXCLUSIVE Referral Program

Psst! Have you heard about our EXCLUSIVE referral program? Mention us to your friends and family and if they decide to make the switch to solar with Clean Energy, YOU BOTH receive $250 in cash. It ...

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