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What to Consider when Going Solar


Think that all solar installations look like this in the end? Think again 💥. If you’re being convinced to invest in a solar power system that appears to be “straight from the box,” it’s best to move away from this type of company. It’s common to get this recommendation from companies whose model consists of commission-based sales people. Because of the business model, these types of companies are more focussed on the number of panels they can sell rather than meeting your needs. Calculating the correct size solar system is based on how much energy you use throughout the year. Your home’s orientation must also come into play. As you can tell, there are many factors that go into the right solar design. An accredited installer should be thorough in the process, conducting an energy audit to determine what works best for you. For more tips, download our eBook: “The 7 Industry Secrets Most Solar Companies Won’t Share” ~