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Warranties Matter: Here's Why


Your system is only as good as the warranty it comes with…and here’s why ⬇️. It’s unfortunate (but not impossible) that some solar companies come and go. Even if they are no longer in operation, reputable companies will often use solar products that carry a 25-year warranty. But be careful about the stipulations around making a claim. If your installer used products that have zero presence in Australia, it might make warranty claims much more difficult. You will have to ship your faulty equipment overseas, back to the original supplier, and in the worst of circumstances, it will be cheaper to buy a whole new system than to repair or replace your existing system under warranty! The lesson here? Even if the products you invest in offer a solid warranty, ensure they have a strong Australian presence, making the process of making a claim a lot easier should the unexpected occur. For more tips, download our eBook: “The 7 Industry Secrets Most Solar Companies Won’t Share” ~